Water-Wise Gardening Tips

Water is an important resource and in the summer time gardens are responsible for a high proportion of domestic water use. With our handy water-wise gardening tips, learn how to preserve water without losing any of the beauty in your garden.

  • Add organic matter – Adding organic matter in the form of manure, organic compost or mushroom compost helps to increase the water retention of soil. Whether your soil is clay based so water cannot penetrate, or thin and sandy so it runs straight through, organic mater will solve both problems.
  • Water the roots – Use a hose or a watering can to water the roots of a plant, rather than using a sprinkler to water a whole area. That way you can use less water, but the plants will still get all the water they need, directly where they need it.
  • Mulch surfaces – Adding a mulch to the surface of your soil will help to reduce the water lost be evaporation at the surface. Once the water has sunk into the soil, it is more likely to be kept there. This can be in many forms, but we recommend landscaping bark, compost or straw.
  • Install a butt – Installing a water butt is a good idea for any garden. Plants prefer rainwater to water out of a tap, and it will help to reduce your household water usage.
  • Choose plants carefully – When choosing the plants for your garden, try to choose indigenous plants. These plants are used to the conditions in your region so will be quite happy growing in the naturally conditions and will not need much additional watering.
  • Water in the evenings – To avoid losing water to evaporation, water your plants in the evening once the sun has gone down. This way the water will actually reach your plants and you will not be wasting your time or water!

By making a few easy changes in your garden, you can become a water-wise gardener! Cut down your water usage whilst still giving your plants everything they need to stay healthy and bright.

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