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  • Soil layers thumbHow Topsoil is Made17/07/2020One of the most common questions we get from novice gardeners is what is topsoil? We answer this question and discuss how different parts of soil differ.Continue reading
  • Soil nutrientsNutrients in Soil02/07/2020What nutrients do your plants require for optimum growth & development?Continue reading
  • GreenhouseGreenhouse Gardening for Beginners15/06/2020How to create your own greenhouse and common gardening mistakes to avoid.Continue reading
  • Compost heap thumbCreating a Compost Heap02/06/2020Compost is a gardener's best friend and can be ready to use all year round. Find out how to create your own here.Continue reading
  • Raised bedsHow to Build a Raised Bed21/04/2020Raised beds can give any garden a sophisticated aesthetic as well as providing many practical benefits for your garden.Continue reading
  • Covid updateCoronavirus Update24/03/2020A page to keep you up to date with how the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is effecting our service.Continue reading
  • Living roof thumbHow to Create a Living Roof28/05/2019Step by step guide on how to create a living roofContinue reading
  • Gardening for beginners vectorGardening Tips for Beginners07/03/2019If you are new to the world of gardening, it can be a daunting thought of where to start. In this blog, we will go through step by step everything you need to know to begin your first project.Continue reading
  • EventsGardening Events 201906/02/2019Let's take a look at some of the most anticipated gardening events taking place across the country we can all look forward to this year.Continue reading
  • Topsoil CalculatorTopsoil & Compost CalculatorUse our topsoil & compost calculator to help you work out how much you need for your project.Continue reading
  • Grow Your Own Christmas DinnerGrow Your Own Christmas Dinner!What if you could have a Christmas dinner full of home grown delicious vegetables? We show you how!Continue reading
  • Growing Fruit TreesGrowing Fruit TreesFruit trees look nice throughout the year and you're left with fresh fruit straight from your very own garden.Continue reading
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