How Is Topsoil Screened?

The most important part of producing screened topsoil is sourcing quality topsoil to begin with. It’s always worth asking your supplier about where they obtain their soil, topsoil from skips is commonly used to save money and results in a very poor product for the customer.

All of the soil used by Online Soil is sourced from land that has been re-developed or recently landscaped. A power screener is essentially a giant sieve for soil, used to remove large lumps of rock and other debris from the topsoil.

Topsoil Power Screener

Unscreened topsoil is loaded into the screener using a power shovel. The topsoil then falls on to a conveyor belt which transports the soil from the loading area into the giant drum at the heart of the machine.

Power Shovel

The drum rotates and sieves the product through the mesh in the drum. The drum is gently sloped, meaning that anything too big to fall through the mesh works its way down the drum towards a belt at the rear of the machine.

Power Screener Drum

The fine topsoil which passes through the mesh falls on to another conveyor belt and is then transported to the other end of the machine and dropped into a neat pile, ready for bagging. We bag each product to order so we can ensure that your soil is delivered exactly when you need it and this process enables us to offer next day delivery when you order before 2pm.

Topsoil Product

Screeners are an effective and useful machine, they do not however make up for poor quality soil. Having good raw materials is essential in producing quality topsoil. You should always take time to ask your supplier where they source their soil from.

With Online Topsoil you’re guaranteed a top quality product every time!

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