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Mushroom Compost

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Mighty Mushroom Medley

Mushroom Compost has become popular with gardeners in recent years because of its high organic matter.

It is essentially the compost left behind after mushrooms have been grown and is made from a compost down mix of:

  • Straw
  • Corn cobs
  • Horse and poultry manure
  • Peat moss
  • Gypsum
  • Lime

However, because of the lime content, it is not recommended for ericaceous plants, such as rhododendrons.

Mushroom compost will improve soil structure and add nutrients. It is very good for growing vegetables, in particularly brassicas.


Coverage: Each Mushroom Compost Bulk Bag will cover approximately 30 sq metres to a depth of one inch.

*This product is supplied in a plain white bulk bag.*

Product Reviews
  • "The bag arrived on time. The driver was most helpful and put it where I wanted it. He came from Romania and as so often I find that the foreign drivers are the most polite and obliging. The compost itself is beautiful stuff and I know my garden will love it. I have used other websites before but this is the best by far. Will be using it again."

    19th September 2018 - Beatrice Potter, Midhurst.
  • "on time great product"

    30th May 2018 - clive, nantwich.
  • "The two bags arrived on time ,thank you.I will use this site again."

    15th May 2018 - Sylvie Andrews, Devon.
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